Looking For An Example Of A Dissertation Appendix – Useful Directions

For those who thought creating dissertation of one’s own is a rather simple job, it’s time to think again. Aside considerable research for the topic concerned, your thesis involves maintaining a specified word limit to checking on appendices and footnotes and several other jobs, none of which can be missed. Taking about the appendix in particular, it usually includes related material that somehow looks odd when inserted in the body of the paper. Think of surveys, questionnaires, interviews, observation sheets or supplementary data that offers the necessary insight but is not mandatory to be included in the paper and you will know the role of appendices in your thesis work.

If you are in dire need of useful directions to work on the appendix, check for examples and guidelines in this website. Ours is a great resource to get started.

Materials included

Usually, appendices contain the following:

  • Surveys

  • Participant letters/ forms

  • Interview questions

  • Supplemental figures/ tables/ graphs

Supplemental inclusions

Most students have difficulty in adding materials within their essays (which includes audio, video, images and other relevant data). The thesis document can be supported with supplemental material files, each of which should not exceed 600 MB. Just remember that your thesis must contain a complete description of credits, subject matter, so that the task of ‘linking’ can be achieved.

Positioning of appendices

The order of appendixes appears as they are introduced in the text material. You can keep your appendix:

  • Placed in the final section of the thesis or dissertation
  • Provide numbering and title to it
  • Use varied page numbering system as per your convenience

Making headings

The number of appendices usually depends on the student who forms his or her thesis. In case there is one appendix, letter or number each (like Appendix 1 or A). Just ensure that the appendix headings follow the same principle as the headings in the chapters.

Type of Formatting

In case you have content taken from other documents that serves as appendices, try to follow either of the two routes:

  • Re-format the text after you transfer it using any template style as desired
  • Convert documents into images and place them in the essay (if required, consult experts about the best method to resort to depending on the type of content you have).


So that your research stands more meaningful, appendices work wonders. There are certain facts or literary evidences that prove beneficial to the dissertation, so you can include them in this section.