20 Offbeat Dissertation Ideas That Can Help You Get Inspired

Writing a dissertation can be a tedious, monotonous task, especially for those in fields that deal with large amounts of data, like statistics. Despite being a serious venture, one can always find ways of making their task more enjoyable by employing a little imagination to the process.

Aside from enjoyment, one must be careful when selecting a topic because it is possible to make your task much harder by selecting a poor one. The following is a list of interesting dissertation topics that also have the ability to contribute something meaningful to society:

  1. The obvious reasons why humanity should devote all of its resources to the advancement of space exploration, instead of wastefully fighting over the limited resources available on earth.

  2. The discovery of life outside of planet earth and the various repercussions such a discovery would have on the lives and perspective of humans.

  3. How penis size has the ability to affect sexual enjoyment for both parties. Does it matter for each sex equally or is sexual enjoyment different for each?

  4. Where we would be today in terms of technology, science and medicine if man never bothered to extend the resources to venture into outer space and on to the moon.

  5. The ways that modern human society can benefit from studying the social behaviors that animals portray in their natural habitats.

  6. Does racism exist because people of different skin colors exists, or is defining people by their color just another form of a deeper rooted problem in human interaction and relationships?

  7. Why so many men fail to understand women and their behavior.

  8. How smoking affects social behavior and public activities.

  9. The effects on television on the minds of young children.

  10. How homework has contributed to the academic success of the great nations.

  11. The benefits of establishing a business in a third world country.

  12. How mass production has affected the value of designer products?

  13. What the world would be like if another intelligent species existed alongside humans.

  14. How social media has affected dating and marriages

  15. Is it possible for someone living with a mortal illness, like HIV, to live a normal life until they die?

  16. How has the acceptance of homosexuality in many cultures affected population of homosexuals?

  17. Should more rigorous laws be enforced to ensure that women hold equal amounts of high ranking positions in the workplace?

  18. Has technology reached its limits?

  19. Should genetic manipulation become commonplace in medicine?

  20. Is abortion really a bad thing?

  21. How has religion been bad for all of humanity?