Up-To-Date MBA Thesis Sample Topics To Write About

A common problem encountered while writing a thesis for any subject is that most of the topics you find have already been written on. Deciding a topic is hard. Many people often resort to online sites for help with topic ideas. They do get topic suggestions, only to discover that someone has already written on it. While there is no hard and fast rule that two persons can’t write a paper on the same topic, in fields like management, you are required to be novel. What you write should be of contemporary interest and contribute to the discipline. Writing on topics that have already been written on, might not impress your supervisor. If you wish to score a good grade, you need to write on topics that are yet untouched.

We are therefore providing you a list of topics that are contemporary and unused as yet.

  1. A study the various corporate companies of a country in terms of the kind of effect that is had on the performance of the firm as a result of the composition of its board.
  2. The behavior of the employees of a particular firm that is going through or has undergone an acquisition, in terms of the kind of communication the company had with its employees. What changes are observed in employee behavior?
  3. Companies often conduct a performance appraisal of the employees working in the company. Study the various kinds of perspectives employees have about performance appraisal. Do these appraisals contribute to the employees being more effective on their job?
  4. The human resource department has become a norm of every office. Analyze how the presence of the human resource department as part of the board of management has increased the effectiveness of the employees and their commitment to their jobs.
  5. Study how the various trainings introduced by many companies have contributed to the performance of the employees. Analyze the topic by studying the results that have been observed in the banking industry.
  6. Study how the law of a particular country restrains or promotes the business of the trades associated with the tourism industry.
  7. An analysis of the kinds of results that have been achieved in the companies which have decided to make employees a part of the management body of the company.
  8. Providing additional benefits to employees like insurance, bonus, increments affect the general turnover of the firm.

Before you adopt any topic do check if someone has already written on the given topics.