Creating A Dissertation Proposal - Top 20 Sample Topics

Dissertations are one of the most critical assignments that students complete during their academic careers. The reason behind this is that their advanced level degree depends upon this project. The official committee members at the university will only approve your paper if you have a strong title and a good research. The proposal of your dissertation is supposed to be a representative of what you will discuss in the rest of your assignment. When you submit it to the committee, you will show them the significance of your work and why they should consider your assignment. You should point out the gap in the existing materials and then show how you can address it through your research. You may even give a little information about the methodology you will adopt

If you are not sure what should be the title of your dissertation, then you should consider the following ideas. These ideas will show you how to create a good title or help trigger new ideas based on the ones shown below. Remember if you use any of these topics, you should alter, rephrase and edit it so that it does not remain plagiarized

Ideas for a dissertation topic

  1. The concept of hobby farming and what profits it can entail

  2. What are the causes and impacts of domestic violence

  3. Is there a connection between child abuse and sex-aversion in the later phases of life

  4. Is divorce a result of financial crisis or are they related any how

  5. Legalizing marijuana in certain states and countries and how will it impact the teen life

  6. Countries that sell drugs in pharmacies

  7. Sexologists- do they make a good income

  8. Why are people shy to go to psychiatrists

  9. How does divorce or separation impact kids

  10. The study of earth and how can we use it to predict natural hazards

  11. Is there a connection between religion and violence

  12. Kids with religious backgrounds are less generous

  13. Bilateral pulmonary embolism and its cure

  14. Understanding anxiety and depression

  15. Are there any benefits of smoking

  16. Is there a cure for cancer yet found

  17. Parenting hacks for working parents

  18. Are single children more successful and possess leadership qualities

  19. Does voting in general elections matter

  20. How does capitalism work and is it a failed strategy