A Quick Guide to Planning Your Master's Dissertation

One of the biggest challenge faced by Master’s students is developing the dissertation. There are a number of aspects to dissertation which are dreaded by most students however it can be said that with proper planning and guidance, all the aspects of a dissertation can be easily and efficiently completed. One of the most important factors for completing this task is proper planning. Without proper planning, you find yourself stuck in a situation where you are unable to track your progress or even unable to identify your position. This can be stressful and destructive for the task as a whole. Therefore, this article presents a quick guide to planning the Master’s dissertation:

Divide the Task into Sub-Tasks

One of the first steps while planning your task is to divide it into as many sub-tasks as possible. This is a scientific approach which will help you keep track of your progress while helping you complete your task in an effective and efficient manner. For example, you can divide your dissertation task into numerous groups and sub-groups of tasks. Literature review can be broken down into: inclusion criteria, desk research, online research, collection of sources, study of sources, development of annotated bibliography, collection of similar themes, and drafting the final literature review.

Allocate Time and Other Resources

The next step is to allocate time and other resources to each of the sub-tasks in a realistic manner. This will help you stay on track while actually performing the task. You will have your deadline in the mind which will motivate you to complete the work in a stepwise manner. You should ensure that sufficient time is allocated to each task otherwise you may end up with an ineffective schedule resulting in inefficient work and stress.

Plan for Contingencies

Another important aspect to take contingencies into account while planning. You cannot always foresee the future events however it is a good approach to acknowledge the possibility of events that may keep you from following your primary plan. Therefore, you should plan how you will address the contingencies.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Once you are done with your planning, it is essential to monitor your plan regularly and to make the necessary modifications. This is because there is a different between planning and actual performance because there are always certain aspects that are overseen and not accounted for.

This guide will help you plan your dissertation effectively and you will be able to complete your task in an efficient manner.