Effective Methods To Create A Good Dissertation Defense Slideshow

Writing a dissertation is not an easy task. Defending one is sometimes even more difficult. Apart from all the research to be done, there are endless rules on thesis format one has to follow. What makes it even worse is that these rules may very from country to country, from college to college, from university to university. However, today most educational establishments require that candidates make a slideshow and an oral defense.

Whereas most candidates understand what an oral defense is, many of them have problems understanding what their slideshow should look like. Here is some information on how to prepare a really good dissertation defense slideshow.

The Purpose Of A Slideshow

Defending a thesis is first of all about convincing the audience that the topic, ideas, findings and conclusions of the thesis are worth their attention. The candidates have to explain everything clearly and in a very brief manner. That is why a slideshow (that is, a PowerPoint presentation) with some pictures, schemes and very basic information is the best option to do it. A good dissertation defense slideshow should include the following:

  • Dissertation title

  • Name of the candidate

  • Brief explanation on why this topic is important and interesting

  • The subject

  • The purpose of the study and the research questions

  • The structure of the thesis

  • The findings and the answers to the research questions

  • The conclusions

Things to Consider

Unlike the oral defense where a candidate might add some really detailed explanations if necessary, a slideshow should not be “overloaded” with information. Long phrases are boring and not comfortable to read. Making too many slides is also not an option, though only a couple of slides is usually not enough either.

Adding some images related to the topic might also help catch the audience’s attention. However, it is important to check whether adding images corresponds with the slideshow format in this discipline, chair, educational establishment and country. Moreover, some images may be subject to copyright.

Another thing every candidate should remember is that they are supposed to explain what is mentioned on their slideshow and to expand on that. Even the greatest slideshow can be spoiled by poor performance, so it is crucial to make an adequate oral defense and to know and fully understand the topic. One of the best methods many candidates use when preparing their defense is rehearsing their performance and learning to synchronize their speech with the slides.