Helpful Recommendations On How To Write A Strong Doctoral Thesis

The doctoral thesis is the last academic project for most doctoral students, before they receive their doctorate. Simple enough, if you have the right tools and many are able to accomplish this task without any snags at all. There are many things that can go wrong, however and countless candidates have found themselves stuck a few days away from their deadline.

If you find yourself in this position, their is no need to panic, there are many resources available to assist you and I have provided a list of helpful recommendations in the following points:

  1. Choose a topic that you are motivated to study
  2. Motivation plays a large role in the pursuit of success and the act of conducting research can indeed lead to success. If you were to make a great discovery, or found a solution to a troublesome issue, you could very well earn your place among the great researchers, even as a student. Choose a topic that you feel strongly about, just be careful to consider the practicality of this pursuit.

  3. Perform research that attempts to solve a real problem
  4. Real problems are the best kind to go after, since experimental and implementable ideas are favored by scientists. Plus nothing makes a better read that something that actually concerns the reader. For example, if you were to successfully cure a chronic illness or devise a way to save fuel, people will surely be interested in your paper.

  5. Consider the practicality of your venture
  6. Practicality is a real issue for researchers. There are many qualified theorists working on theories that cannot be tested and this simply does not interest the engineering world. If your research does not have the ability to yield real world results, you should consider a different topic.

  7. Discuss possible problems with implementing your solution
  8. Every solution has a down side and people are just as interested in this as they are in the success of your proposition. Pay as much attention to possible problems with your solution as you do with the supporting evidence for your ideas.

  9. Formulate a conclusion that is compelling
  10. Your conclusion is the final statement you leave with your readers so leave them with something good. If done properly, the conclusion can crystallize the idea you are trying to portray to your readers, bringing everything previously said in your thesis into focus, leaving them with an impacting experience.