Finding A Good Dissertation Introduction Example

More than 50 subjects studied over 5 or more years, with innumerable hours spent in finishing those many assignments, tests and projects that always bring us a step closer to getting the degree we want. Well, once all that is taken care of, only one step remains in our hands – the perfect dissertation.

What is the “perfect” dissertation?

Also known as “thesis”, it is basically a written account of detailed study of a subject through research based on the knowledge gained in our study years, which is a mandatory requirement for a post graduate or doctorate degree. One of the things that makes it perfect is the introduction part. Like how people tend to notice a person’s face at first sight, it is the introduction of the work that interests the reader to proceed further. To find a good example for the introduction, you need to look in the right places.

Where to find a good example for the introduction of a thesis?

  1. Internet
  2. The first thing we always turn to for any academic help is the internet because it neither gets tired of our queries nor does it complain, unlike humans. So just type the name of your topic into the search engine and explore all kinds of samples. There are many websites that allow an internet user to look at parts of various theses.

  3. Library
  4. The library of your institution or any renowned library is bound to have a collection of theses. All you need to do is get a membership and scan through the shelves to find one on a topic similar to yours. You can now go through the entire content of the theses and get inspired.

  5. People who have written at least one thesis in the past
  6. You’ll find that you’re lucky to be in contact with such people when you’re working on your own piece of literature. They can provide you with all sorts of tips and inputs – like, how to start the introduction, or how to consolidate the abstract etc. they may even tell you where to look for good examples!

  7. Professors
  8. It is the job of your professors to clear any doubts you have regarding your paper and to help you create an excellent thesis. Since they probably see hundreds of papers every year you can utilize their experience to not only dig out the best examples but also to better your piece all the time.

  9. Fellow students
  10. Your friends may have some good examples from different sources. It is okay to ask them if you can borrow some of the material to fabricate your own paper. Even you may help your friends in the same manner.