A List Of Unique Education Dissertation Topics To Consider

The purpose of writing an education dissertation is to provide new content to the general study and research in the field. There are plenty of excellent topics to consider that are both unique and interesting. We’ve put together this list of education dissertation topics from which to choose:

  1. Analyze how well the pre-school system equips and prepares children for the more demanding and rigorous primary school system.

  2. Make the case for including business studies and money management techniques in primary school curricula.

  3. Do you believe there should be tuition freezes every decade or so to ensure that the cost of education remains affordable and consistent?

  4. Do you think there should be less emphasis on math and language skills in secondary schools and greater emphasis on today’s more pressing issues affecting society?

  5. Do you think that most of the courses taught in primary school are out of date and more suited for the industrial age than the technology age?

  6. Provide a critical analysis of the pros and cons of having children attend pre-school between 18 and 24 months of age instead of the traditional 4 years of age.

  7. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Montessori education method for pre-school aged children and the system as a whole.

  8. Provide an analysis the predicted effects of removing all standardized testing in the secondary school system.

  9. How effective is the Montessori method in providing a well-rounded education through its emphasis on educating the individual as a whole rather than to achieve academically only?

  10. Make the case for home-schooled children being able to handle social challenges much more effectively than students with a traditional public or private schooling.

  11. Discuss what you think about career professionals insisting that teaching is more of a job rather than a vocation or professional career option.

  12. Do you think the possibility of receiving a holistic education is greater for students who are home-schooled or who attend private school than those who attend public school?

  13. Do you think that teachers today can influence character formation in the students they have in their care or does this job fall mostly on students’ parents?

  14. Do you think that children who are home school are less or more likely to have behavioral problems than children who attend public or private schools?

  15. Do you think that courses relating to wealth building and finance should be encouraged in secondary schools?