Dissertation Proposal Writing: Advice From An Expert

Writing a dissertation will often be one of the most in-depth piece of work that most students will have to prepare as part of the education. In fact, so in depth is this form of academic writing, that it is usually reserved for students who are studying at university level. Furthermore, it is an essay that most students will not have to write until the end of their course, and will often have to be done as part of a significant section of that course, and will have a huge influence, therefore, on the final mark that they get for their degree.

Clearly, as such an important piece of work, it is important to understand how to do the work to a high standard. In fact, there are many different sections that will need to be written as part of the work, and it is crucial that each one is written to the highest possible standard.

For example, one section that students may need to write is the proposal; however, most students will not have had to write proposals as part of any essay that they have written in the past and, therefore, may not necessarily feel entirely confident when writing this part of the work. Therefore, the following provides some expert advice in order to help you when writing your proposal.

Understanding the purpose of your proposal

Your proposal should outline what you intend to do as part of your work, and why you feel that it is important. Therefore, you should see the purpose of your proposal as being to try and convince any relevant people as to why your dissertation is important. In order to do this, you may wish to look at previous studies that other people have done, as well as compose some sort of hypothesis, so as to explain what you hope to achieve as part of your work. Ultimately, it is important that you keep in mind that you are trying to sell your work in the most positive light.

What to include

As mentioned, you will probably need to include some form of hypothesis, as well as details of any relevant studies. You may also wish to include details of any methods that you choose to use. Another important aspect of your proposal is to include a realistic timeframe, but should outline when you will do the work, and when you expect it to be completed.