What To Know About The Length Of A Dissertation Abstract

The dissertation is the last project that you have to complete before you can start your career. This makes it very important, and your professors will be very severe when they will correct your composition. Apart from the main text, you will also have to create other texts, like a proposal and an abstract. These are meant to prepare the reader for the information that he will read. This is how you can build a great abstract:

  • Keep it simple. Your dissertation is very complex and you worked on it for months. For sure you used many terms and many definitions, but you have to stay away from these when you write your abstract. Very often, your professors and colleagues will first read your abstract and only after that the main project. They have to understand it fully, not to try to figure out what a certain word means. Keep the terms for the main text.

  • Don’t get into details. The abstract is a resume of your dissertation, so you don’t have to write everything you wrote in the main piece. There’s no place for details or things that are not vital for the reader. Focus on the main ideas and why you chose this topic for your thesis.

  • Make it short. There’s no specific length for an abstract, as this depends entirely on the length of your main text. However, if your thesis does not have more than a few pages it would be silly to write a 5 pages abstract. You will simply not have from where to get all this information and you will end up creating a copy of your thesis.

  • Mention some things that you will prove in your thesis. You have to make everyone curious about your thesis, not only to give dull information. For sure you made some experiments to prove your point, and you can give a few details about this in the abstract.

  • Keep it objective. This is an academic paper, so you don’t have to introduce your personal opinion in this. Rather than this, try to use various quotes and references that will make the readers interested in this subject. The more perspectives you analyze, the more you will convince them to pay attention to your dissertation. It’s all about knowing how to arrange your ideas.