How To Utilize A Dissertation Database: Helpful Directions

Writing a dissertation seems to be a dreadful task to some of the students. This is just because they are not clear with its writing instructions. There are many aspects that they need to keep in mind before submitting the final copy. The basic problem with most of the students is that they do not know the actual utilization of the dissertation database.

Check out the guide below to locate the dissertation and thesis –

Usually, these are available in the form of PDFs. Dissertation in digital formats may or may not be listed alphabetically but you can check them through direct links be using search engines. However, in some cases, a few dissertations may not be available even after 5 years of the submission date. In that case, the student needs to place a request for its print copy in special collections and University Archives department. Such content is available at library for their internal usage only.


Remember, the dissertations filed by students in electronic mode may or may not be indexed. They are available in the form of Paper copies, Microfiche copies and Archival copies. However, sometimes, you can find them on internet or via other institutions.

How to utilize?

  • Go to the search engine.

  • Feed in all the details like the title of the dissertation, the year of publication, the name of the author, the place of publication etc.

  • If you find the dissertation online, it’s well and good, if not, you need to request it through the relevant library of the university. Librarian usually keeps a stock of such dissertations.

  • Before you pick any dissertation, do have a look if it is following MLA style, APA style or the Chicago style. Different universities provide different types of writing instructions to their students. Even though, if the students are aware of the writing style for sure, they should follow their professor’s instructions. This is because; the writing instructions always differ from university to university and from professor to professor.

  • When one visits the networking of digital libraries for dissertations, students can find millions of records for thesis and dissertations that are as old as two hundred years. Apart from that students can access millions of research thesis from hundreds of universities too.

This is a great way to utilize any dissertation database. Nevertheless, if you are still facing some dilemma, go to this service and you will always be delighted.