The Most Effective Dissertation Research Strategy: An Academic Tutorial

The qualities of an effective dissertation

A dissertation is a piece of academic writing that is mainly assigned to grad students during the final year. An effective critique should revolve around a catchy idea that compels the readers to go through the rest of the paper. Also the author has to explain- why he has chosen the topic and what he is going to prove through it. A well-created dissertation should clearly indicate the references and sources.

The importance of choosing an effective research tactic

Your intensity of research may make or break your paper. Whether you belong to science stream or a student of social studies; zeroing upon study plans before you actually start writing, should be your motto. There are multiple tactics of study that you may apply to dig out- information, data, facts and statistics for your paper. Based upon your subject, time and available resources- you must choose your policy.

5 most effective dissertation research strategies: an academic tutorial

  • Case studies
  • If you choose a topic on which many academic papers had been written on in the past, then you may rely upon consulting case study as the strategy. They represent illustrative accounts where- the studies had been done on a set of people, an organization or individuals. Consult the library for samples. There are some quality academic websites that give the chance to download the samples for free. If time and fund permits, you may as well conduct few such case studies on your own.

  • Academic journals
  • The solid way of doing investigative study about your topic is going through academic journals. They can be found out in abundance in the libraries as well as in online. But you have to work really hard to pick up only the pertinent information.

  • Interviews
  • If you are student of social studies, then conducting interviews is one of the most relevant investigative strategies for your paper. But this also needs your physical toil as- you have to fix up meetings with pertinent personalities, interview them and then filtering out only the applicable excerpts.

  • Surveys
  • Like interviews, survey is another great tactic for students of humanities and social studies. Here you must prepare a questionnaire and request a specific group of people to fill it up. From their feedbacks, you need to draw out suitable conclusions.

  • Lab experimentation
  • This is the best plan for students of science and engineering backgrounds. The significance of your whole paper depends upon the lab results. So you must try out different experimentations to bring out the best outcome.